Thursday, November 19, 2009

Challenger set up//max 2010 & vray

i'm lazy so this is a list and images of my settings for a car studio style rendering in max 2010 and vray:
placement of objects and cameras, there are no lights in this scene, i'm using a hdr image for lighting and reflections:

this is what the hdr image looks like, i bought it here:

these are the hdr settings, the only thing to note is when using the vray camera you must turn the overall multi way up otherwise you won't see the result. if you'd like to know why read this:

these are the default camera settings except for turning off vignetting (the default is on, it should be off by default), and i changed the white balance to neutral.

these are my settings for high rez renderings in vray, these settings, for the most part, will work w/animations. color mapping has been adjusted, note that the gamma control has been changed if you want more read this:

the model was purchased from here:

all the materials i downloaded from the link below and altered them based on what worked w/my lighting and camera settings


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  1. Hi, very good tut. Could you please post a Mental ray tut of the same? I am really keen on learning lighting, but really not able to get it right! If you visit my blog, you could see what I am talking about!